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Late! Late!

Like the White Rabbit, I am late for a very important date ... the party known as Madelyn Appreciation Day! I didn't mean to be, but hey, everyone has a thing: being late is mine. *curses timezones and Australia's antiquated internet infrastructure*

Anyway, I wanted to wish Madelyn all the very best and thank her for masterminding fandom activities with such a fine touch and apparently boundless energy and enthusiasm! Where would we be without you? I, for one, would be minus many friends who I met through your SV Glee Week and other activities.

*offers flowers*

May you rule forever! *g*
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Passion - McKay/Carter

Madelyn Day!

I am new to the cult but it's pretty easy to see who is right in the middle of everything. :) Madelyn, you're a great leader, setting up and executing some fo the best ideas in several fandoms, and drawing in people right and left without ever resorting to the bitchy, insane, craziness that many of us would succumb to with only half the things you do. You're amazing and fabulous and I wish I had presents to shower you with, but um, late to the party, so you get nothing but hugs.

*but big hugs!*
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Fandom wouldn't be the same without her

Madelyn -

Just had to drop by to say fandom and LJ wouldn't be the same without you. Not only are you a great writer with a flair for the funny, but you have a way of bringing people together for challenges and ficathons. You're a lynch pin that helps hold fandom together even when the show is a) on hiatus, or b) being stupid. The great fics that are generated from your challenges always give people something to look forward to, as well as having fun trying to guess the authors in things like undermistletoe. You do so much for fandom - just wanted to let you know it's all appreciated. Very very much.

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a toast

Just wanted to say how hella impressed I was with all your hard work organizing Slumberparty in Vancouver last year. It's clear a lot of work went on "behind the scenes" so that things could go smoothly. And I like how you remember that fandom should be *fun* what with the social weekends, glee week and challenges. Here's to you, hon! *hoists champagne*
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whee, appreciation day!

I'm late, I know, this is probably not a surprise to anyone. Chica, you totally know why you are cool, and I'm so not encouraging your ego. Seriously. But you're not all bad, no. I hope this pleases a little.

The Difference
by jenn (jenn@thegateway.net)
Ronon, Weir, Sheppard, McKay, etc

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Think of Atlantis

Rodney's List of Five Planets He Absolutely Hates...

Because I didn't say it before, I'll say it now: the reason I adore Madelyn is because she makes Smallville amusingly bearable, despite the often cringe-inducing pain of it. She's an incredible motivator and pretty much as insane as you can get without people in white lab coats coming to take you away to the Happy Farm. More than that, her undying devotion to fandom pretty much makes her number one on the List of People I Want to Be When I Grow Up (that is, if I ever do grow up).

Thanks Madelyn.

Part 1, including summary and info, can be found here.

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