February 21st, 2006

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A Vid For Madelyn: Smallville

Dear Madelyn,

You make fandom fun. And not just your everyday kinda fun. And not just "I'm going to Disney World!" fun. Well maybe Disney World fun, I've never actually been so it is hard to say exactly what it is like, but I have watched numerous situation comedies where the cast has ended up there as some kinda strange cross-promotional stunt and compared to you it is all kinds of lame. You...you are like Disney World if it was a really hot chick who knew every cool place to go because she automatically made any place she went cool and she also has a secret identity as a superhero with the power of slash. Oh, and she can fly. And possibly move things with her mind. Oh, and turn people into puppets at will. I'm actually still working this one out - but you, you are serious, mindfucking fun. Also you enable the very best of the best and you organize and you encourage and I am grateful to have you around.

So here is a vid! Thanks to renenet and f1renze for beta and heresluck for the song and svmadelyn for being herself, always.

Fandom: Smallville
Song: Baby
Artists: Imperial Teen
Clark is a big, dumb, sexually confused alien. It is a really good thing he is pretty.

ETA: 8-19-09 this vid is again available for online download: