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Madelyn Appreciation Day!

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Fangirl Appreciation
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svmadelyn is one of our favorite fangirls. She's enthusiastic and fun and she gives so much to all of us. So today is Madelyn Day, where we show just how grateful we are for all she does.

Thank you, Madelyn. The Link To All Posts Is here

"Madelyn is hilarious and more than a little evil. She makes fandom fun, kicks our collective asses into gear when we need it, and she's one of the most welcoming people I've met in any fandom. If that isn't enough, she's also an incredible friend." ~ vylit

"She's bright and brilliant and utterly insane. Everything she does, she does with passion and energy and so much enthusiasm you can't help getting just as enthused. She makes bad things better and good things fantastic. She's everything a fangirl *should* be in fandom, everything a friend should be. I could totally break into song right now. I mean, if I could sing. Which I won't." ~ seperis

"She manages to organize fandom. *is impressed* I'd say more, but I fear I might gush." ~ amireal

"She's always there to gently kick our lazy butts and keep us bringing artwork, stories, friendship and laughter to each other. She is sweet, crazy, talented, giving and all-around amazing and I'm really glad for the chance to know her. :)" ~ digitalwave

"Madelyn is one of those people whose creative energy fuels others as well as herself; her enthusiasm is contagious in the best kind of way, and she is always bringing more fun to the fannish table." ~ astolat

"She is 50% bright, gleaming sunshine and 50% pure, scheming evil. And I just...I so totally love that." ~ thefourthvine

"She truly understands the importance of crackfic, and does everything in her power to ensure that fandom has an adequate supply from a variety of sources. *g* (Um. Plus, she's smart and funny and gives 110% to fandom.)" ~ z_rayne

"She's the cutest thing ever. She organizes the most fun challenges/parties/cracked-out-badfic-games. She does the best Dobby *ever*. She *is* the Voice of Fandom! *loves*" ~ amandajane5

"Madelyn is amazing because organizing fandom is like herding cats and she manages to make it look effortless -- we never even notice that the enticing trail of kitty nibbles is leading directly into the corral." ~ ladyvyola

"Madelyn *always* makes me laugh, which I can't tell you how much I love in a person. And of course with the organizing of things. She is like the Organizer Bunny, she just keeps going and going, using the force of her personality to direct the flow of fandom around her. When I picture her in my mind, I see the image of this girl I knew in high school who somehow talked me into everything from sneaking into the drive-in to protesting the student body elections (for which I almost got expelled) and then I add pink fuzzy ears." ~ justabi

"She makes being in a fandom FUN!!! She persuades/cajoles/pokes/prods the fandom into action, which is a Herculean task she's taken on with gusto! Every fandom should have a Madelyn!! :] She's a superstar and a half and totally deserves an "Appreciation Day"!!" ~ saya415

"She's a fandom constant, our zany leader and brilliant creator of such things as underthemistletoe and the WIP Challenge. She does so much for fandom and I like the idea of doing something for her." ~ storydivagirl

"She's amazing. She's a relentless, awe-inspiring force of nature. I love her challenges, her squee, and her writing. She's the most evil, teeny tiny and adorable fangirl ever. I'm positive that someday, Madelyn will be In Charge, and the world will be a much better place for it." ~ thecaelum

"Not only is she funny, whip-smart and can organise fandom like nobody's business, she does it with *class*. It takes a hell of a lot of patience and determination (and, I'm guessing, repression and suppression) to make a group of procrastinating slackers productive *without* losing your cool and your charm." ~ out_there

"She's the only person I know in fandom that looks at the sheer chaos of it all and says, "How about we try to do this," and succeeds. Without her the SV Survivors wouldn't have nearly as much fun. Also? She only looks mostly harmless. Plus, you know, Chuck Norris." ~ everagaby

"She is just awesome and so full of energy! She somehow manages to make fandom really feel like a community. She is always thinking of new ways to bring us together whether it's for something creative or just a big love fest. Clearly we would all be lost without her!" ~ aisling12

"omg. well. how can you *not* love madelyn, you know? She's just - she's in charge. shes going to rule the world one day, and fandom is like, where she practices *g* She's got more energy than anyone I know, and makes everyone who knows her feel lucky that they do." ~ estrella30

"I love Madelyn because she's always so willing to share the toys in her sandbox. She'll happily hand over the best bucket AND the best shovel, and not complain at all if you get sand in her socks accidentally. She's a generous spirit, and any fandom that sparks her interest is lucky to have her as part of it!" ~ thisisbone

"She is fun - she is having a blast and she insists that everyone else in whatever fandom she is inhabiting (and sometimes in fandoms that are just adjacent) have as much fun as she does. She is quite demanding in that sense and we have the mpreg to show for it. It is a thing of beauty." ~ sisabet

"Madelyn is like fandom's evil, demented event coordinator, who when she sees us all slouching by the rails, having consumed too much shrimp at the free buffet, entices us all to come play volleyball--naked gay volleyball! With unicorns and sparkles! But what I really love about Madelyn is that she goes that extra mile: she's gentle but firm with the wallflowers, she makes everyone feel welcome, and she's willing and eager to get messy with the rest of us. She's our fearless leader, and I'm proud to follow her." ~ trinityofone

"I adore Madelyn because she's endlessly enthusiastic. Even better, she *shares* that enthusiasm through squeeing, pimping, writing, posting hysterical IM conversations, and even bludgeoning us if necessary until we feel it, too. It's not good enough that she's having fun; she wants us all to have fun, too. And we do!" ~ flaming_muse

"I love Madelyn because she's generous, warm, and wonderful, and because she always makes people feel welcome. She's one of the coolest, funniest, and just all around awesomest people around, and fandom wouldn't be the same without her. I can't thank her enough for all the amazing, fun events she's organized. Infinite hugs and thanks to Madelyn!" ~ nevermind98

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